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The Institute is one of the first to declare a Zero Waste practice, encouraging the community to reconsider the habit of offering packaged biscuits and snacks, instead of putting great value on traditional weavings, home-churned butter, locally grown organic vegetables and fruits. As a part of this project we have,

  • Feast Offering: Several years ago, the institute initiated a program to reduce plastics waste to an absolute minimum through a choice to offer organic and bio-degradable feast during all the holy rituals and ceremonies. So we offer organic, locally grown and home-cooked items all served on degradable (banana) leaves. It is indeed a great way to accumulate merit and protect the environment by putting effort into making your offerings at home. We request all those who wish to join our feasts or make offerings to the institute to be aware of our zero-waste policies.
  • Butter Lamp Offering: Recently, the institute has put in place a system to pay cashless money using mbob/epay to offer butter lamps. It is a fairly easy alternative, the visitors need to scan a bar code and pay for their offering. The amount accumulated in the account will be used to purchase lamp oils that come in tins. This way, it is convenient for visitors as well as for us in fulfilling greater objectives of genuine offering and environment preservation.

In this video Rinpoche strongly recommends that no packaged foods be used in tsok offerings. If monasteries were to adopt this one simple rule, just think of the mountains of Wai Wai noodle packets, plastic bottles, and candy wrappers that would no longer clog local rivers and streams after ceremonies.